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How do we create a disruptive concept to uplift all of the Combs Enterprises brands?  

Our team was tasked with ideating concepts that simultaneously support all of the brands withing the Combs Enterprises portfolio including (Ciroc, Aquahydrate, Bad Boy Records, etc...). With many different types of businesses, a common thread had to be identified. Since, Sean Combs is at the core of all of these projects, we delved deeper into understanding pros and cons of his audience, extracting the bare essentials that motivate his audience. 



People think they want Mr. Combs' wealth, but what they really want is his Passion and Motivation

Consistently raising the bar at the intersection of music and business, Mr. Comb's lifestyle has been devoted to his entrepreneurial efforts. By having such a successful career his audience has become multifaceted. There are many people that didn't grow up listening to his music simply because they were too young to see his rise to success. Conversely, his core audience grew up listening to his music while watching and helping his newer businesses expand.

Sean Comb's affluent lifestyle is what people may notice first and desire, but what they really want is his undeniable passion and motivation that creates his entrepreneurial mindset. It's this mindset that creates a team of extremely talented people to lead his businesses.




An Educational platform featuring the elite talent of Combs Enterprses

Revolt University exists today as an empowerment & entrepreneurial conference that features talent from Revolt TV.  Our new Revolt University platform concept utilizes the existing brand equity and evolves into. Team members from brands across the Combs Enterprises portfolio, in addition to sourcing top-tier talent from outside the company, can share their personal experiences and teach step by step classes (via video) for specific skills in their field within this concept. 

Instead of profiles, portfolios will exist with a short paragraph bio and a list of influences to showcase the user's work they create and upload. A monthly subscription premium membership will exist to include customizable portfolios, the ability to participate in live video guest speaker engagements, and have their work submitted to the top talent at Combs Enterprises for review. Access to rising talent can be recognized early and then potentially funneled into Combs Enterprises.


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